When our environment forces us to change.

I am Colombian and from a distance I begin to understand how complicated it is for most of us to grow up, live, and work in such an unequal society.

I’m honest, I’ve lived in a bubble of water for a good part of my life. I owe everything I am to my parents’ investment in my education and the training I have received throughout my life.

But there are times when knowing other cultures and understanding how other societies live which I feel a chill down my back and many questions come to mind.

Last month a girl from Russia asked me about the social division in my country according to the video of a Russian influencer who spent a few days in Colombia.

The most striking issue was the division of zones that exists in cities like Bogotá, where we have a very marked social stratification.

I did not understand her astonishment, given how common it is for me and many people in America.

The easiest way to explain what was very strange to her was to talk about zoning, where people with money live in certain places, and how each zoning is given a number.

I make this reflection understanding that it is increasingly complex to start a business in such unequal societies.

Now in light of a #tax reform that is going to widen the differences, I make this #reflection

I ask you to stay strong with your #work, whatever it is, we will go the extra mile so that your company or entrepreneurship continues to exist.

We need a lot of strength not to fall. Let’s not think about what they can do for us, let’s think about how we can support our business model or the #company where we are working.

Just by working as a team for our business and the neighbor’s business, we are helping our country.

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