My experience creating content for TikTok

The world moves to the “Sound” of video and I’ve really been away from my main social networks because I’m into the world of TikTok and video creation to keep learning and building community through a social network with a lot to offer.

I thought about continuing to drive my entire marketing strategy through this social network but then I understood the day-to-day meaning of TikTok and the power of immediate interaction that is generated through this micro-universe.

Loving Tik Tok hating the addiction:

Creating content for TikTok is about letting go of the idea of having followers and starting to understand that your community, whether large or small, follows you out of empathy and interest amidst a sea of content that you struggle with on a daily basis.

The sense of community becomes even more valuable in this social network because you understand that the unique reach that this space gives you, gives you the obligation to create differential content that marks a before and after in your audience.

Comedy and entertainment have an undisputed place on this social network, as does content that does not have a clear message. However, amidst the cloud of ideas and dances, increasingly coordinated, we find reality with all the potential to mobilize.

Recommendations for working on branded content:

You don’t have to be a marketer to be tough on TikTok – it’s simply about tapping into your creativity and conveying an idea that can captivate or simply entertain.

  1. Give your account a clear purpose
  2. Generate content that contributes to the community
  3. Create a short story in your head and make it engaging without fear of ridicule. Creativity is highly rewarded.
  4. Be consistent in the content you generate
  5. Create your own content, be different, and don’t copy.

My Tik Tok account does NOT talk about this business:

I am happy with my account which, to the surprise of many, is not really a digital recommendation account.

I think that to show how good you are at something, sometimes it is not necessary to go to the traditional direct sales but to make yourself known through example and of course the creation of community.

Mineral Alive is a 100% content-driven startup that aims to generate community through research into healthy habits.

So if you are interested in boosting your brand, being critical, or spending a moment of recreation, Tik Tok is a social network that surprises you more and more every day.

Honestly, an addiction that I hate but at the same time, I love the contact and interaction I have with a community hungry for information.

What do you think?

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