Not all that glitters is gold.

Today we are surrounded by social media masters and guides, new Institutes, and Business Schools fuelled by the lack of faith in traditional education.

Networking experts who today talk about careers such as “Influencer” or Content Creator are the bread and butter of today’s world.

In today’s clearly digital society, ideals are created that go beyond dreams. The role models are young people who have developed a career in content creation and today are simply creating or launching their brands.

For me, it is really interesting the current interests and the turn that education has taken. However, I am concerned about the training that young people who want to be educated in schools or institutes, who preach to be digital businesses with integrity, are far from being so.

The definition of a hypocrite is very clear “pretends a quality, feeling, virtue or opinion that he/she does NOT have” actually some of the most popular institutes enjoy fame and recognition through great and promoted content strategies, but what is behind this?

Let’s not forget that most companies are for-profit and this is NOT wrong, what is wrong is to give up your professional ethics to be more profitable.

The five things no one tells you:

  1. The experience made the master. No matter how many times you study it, without the opportunity to create an experience, you do NOT learn.
  2. Creativity is stimulated NOT imposed.
  3. Learning is in you. Knowledge and implementation are up to you.
  4. Trust your teacher. Believe in who teaches you, don’t buy a course for fame, and research who is behind a big name.
  5. Always hold your beliefs high, and don’t let others tell you what to believe.

Whenever I write I do so knowingly, it is for this reason that I ask you to reflect, investigate and consult opinions before buying a course or believing in the “Experts”.

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