Now your blank canvas, already has some color shapes and of course, at this moment you have many plans in your head.

And you’re not asking me, but for me, creating a brand is not just about a logo and corporate colors. For me, having an identity in the online and traditional world requires a bit more ambition.

And yes, I’m talking about ambition because without a doubt you must take into account what you want your consumers to perceive and of course what you want to achieve now, in five years or in ten.

If they don’t talk about you, you will be a commodity

(Philip Kotler)

There is no better example of what I am telling you than that of this phrase and that is that the universe is full of companies that are clearly dedicated to fulfilling their function, without leaving a trace, without even making them remember their name.

How to stand out?

Before talking about colors, flavors, shapes and designs, start by asking yourself:

  1. How do you want to help your clients?
  2. How would you like to be remembered?
  3. What makes your company special?
  4. Who are your role models?

Without a doubt, first identify your values and differentials, they will make you know key attributes to develop the personality of your company.

The first step to understand your brand personality is to know your differential.

Where to begin?

Now that you have in your head everything that makes you special, or at least all the potential that you can exploit, start by reviewing all the success stories of brands that have an economic activity similar to yours.

  1. What is your differential?
  2. How do they communicate?
  3. What aspects do you like about your offer?
  4. What aspects do you not like about their offer?

Now that you have done an exercise in understanding who you are and reviewing who surrounds you or inspires you, you can review your mission, vision and short, medium and long term objectives.

bla, bla, bla, bla

Believe me before designing, painting and calling your creatives think inside, so it will be easier to start working on everything that involves having a brand.

Welcome to the time to think again!